Our Marketing Package encompasses services from inception to development, to production, and to delivery.

Developing the Marketing Strategy

Competitive Positioning

  • Market Profiling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Value Proposition

Brand Strategy

Distribution Channels

Marketing Plan

Marketing Budget

Marketing Campaigns

Pricing Strategy

  • Defining the cost structure and the profitability goals

Sales Process

Return on Investment Projections

Determining a strategy to establish life-long customer relations

Copywriting & Graphic Design


Creating Tools and Processes

  • Creating a corporate identity
  • Creating names for product lines that are specific to target markets
  • Development of a Website
  • Developing Sales Literature and Sales Tools
  • Creating messages to penetrate target markets
    Creating a Customer Relationship Management System

Generating Traffic and Leads, Managing Customers

  • Search Engine Optimization
    Analysis of most popular key words
    Populate website with keywords
    Content Management
    Create a free tools
    Populate online directories with company information and link to website
  • Email Marketing
  • Trade Show and Event Marketing Material Development
  • Public Relations Strategy Development
  • Customer Retention Strategy Development
  • Continued Business Development
  • Direct Mail Development
  • Traditional Media Development
  • E-Marketing Development
    Create a facebook page consistent with company branding
    Create a twitter page with company branding
    Create a blog consistent with company branding